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In all cases of work with the switched-on Microwave oven it is necessary to use the tool with well isolated handles. It is necessary to work as one hand, in clothes with long sleeves or in oversleeves. At this time it is impossible to touch with other hand the case of the device and other grounded subjects (to pipes of a central heating, water supply system, etc.).

In one of resonators the communication loop (for a conclusion of the microwave oven of energy from the magnetron in a working zone of the furnace settles down. The communication loop is soldered by one end to a resonator wall, and by another is attached to the short coaxial line (which excites a rectangular wave guide (. On a wave guide (the microwave oven power comes to a working chamber of the furnace.

Uk=Ek – break of one of transitions or the transistor is in the cut-off mode because of faulty elements, the locking tension or the latent defects of installation. Thus first of all it is necessary to check tension between base and the emitter which has to be:

It is possible to refer mechanical damages to the main reasons for malfunctions of condensers of constant capacity; break of conclusions; dielectric breakdown; change of capacity; increase of losses; change of resistance of isolation. Tuning and variable condensers can have such malfunctions: short circuit between facings; bad fixing of value of capacity at its installation; mechanical damages.

At operation of chips polarity of the feeding tension needs to observe strictly. Breaks of conclusions can be the reasons of their malfunction; interelectrode short circuits; overheat and destruction of transitions; mechanical damages (splitting and deformation of the case, the hit of gumboil between conclusions and the IS case leading to gradual refusals, etc.).

It is possible to refer break of conclusions to malfunctions of resistors; change of resistance; overheat or carbonization of a conductor layer; breakdown of the resistor (violation of the isolating covering) at excess of admissible tension; violation of smoothness of the course and contact (in variable resistors); bad fixing of value of resistance (in tuning resistors).

Condensers are a part of oscillatory contours, strip filters, are used as dividing and blocking, elements of communication, stores of electric charges, in the smoothing filters, for temperature compensation, for suppression of a radio noise, etc.

At external survey of printed-circuit boards it is necessary to check integrity of printing conductors, to be convinced of lack of cracks, gaps, the burned-through sites. It is not recommended to pull tweezers at conclusions of radioelements as it can lead to destruction of printing conductors.

Under the influence of an external field at polar molecules not only the size of the electric moment changes, but also there is a turn of an axis of a molecule in the direction of a field. Usually distinguish electronic, ionic, dipolar and structural dielectric polarization. On the microwave oven the greatest specific weight is had dipolar and structural polarization so allocation of heat is possible even in lack of current of conductivity.

Breaks of conclusions can be the reasons of malfunctions of transistors; interelectrode short circuits; overheat and destruction of transitions; increase of the return current of transition; mechanical damages (splitting and deformation case.

Integrated chips are very widely used in BREA. They represent the microelectronic devices which are containing diodes, transistors, resistors and carrying out a certain function (for example, the amplifier of power of sound frequency).

For reliable operation of the generator the coefficient of a standing wave on tension of a chamber should not exceed value, admissible for this generator. In this regard the greatest interest is represented by chambers with the running wave as they, practically without influencing operation of the generator, can be used with any source of the microwave oven of energy.

At installation of transistors and chips on radiators contact surfaces have to be pure, without roughnesses disturbing to their dense prileganiye. Contact surfaces need to be greased with the KPT-heat-conducting paste