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Development of identity happens under strong influence of those social groups with which they indefitsirut themselves (movie stars, singers, etc. or revolutionary leaders). In this case is suppressed itself persons and identity is limited.

Comprehension of bases of labor and social experience gives the chance to the child to gain recognition of people around and to find feeling of competence, at the child the feeling of diligence, in the course of development of technology of the culture develops.

The merit connected with successful recovery from the crisis of the period of youth - fidelity, i.e. ability of the teenager to be to right attachments and promises, despite inevitable contradictions in his system of values.

Young people have to reach the increased confidence that internal and external plans of its integrity will be agreed among themselves. Their perception of has to be confirmed by experience of interpersonal communication by means of feedback.

In the conditions of a deprivation when to the child the child is not allowed to develop the autonomy and self-checking endures the sense of shame or anger directed on himself. It occurs when parents constantly sponsor the child or remain deafs to his requirements. And the child instead of being self-assured and get on with an environment start thinking that others fixedly consider it, are suspicious also disapproval