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4 steps to easily write a research proposal Why I'm able to read philosophy in 6 steps

Philosophical dispute between spirit and a matter, caused dispute between realists and nominalists. Dispute went about the nature of universaliya, that is about the nature of the general concepts, whether the general concepts are secondary, that is a product of activity of thinking, or they represent primary, real, exist independently.

The among noblemen which quite often had the reason of an insult who, on representations of knights, it was necessary to revenge were subject to court of royal curia or Cortes. Naturally, small knights could not count on vengeance to powerful notable offenders: it is obvious therefore the knights appeared for settlement of disputes by a judicial duel in court of the king.

Thanks to this reception the novel is put out of time, out of all cultural traditions. It is known that it is difficult for person of one culture to understand adequately the person another. But we manage it as the interior is constant, and subconscious emotional feelings are invariable. In it the main merit of the unknown creator of the novel, and that is provided that ease with which it is perceived.

The novel "Tristan and Izolda" is a classical example of medieval creativity. Despite time, the novel did not lose the inner meaning and to this day remains to one of outstanding samples of knightly literature.