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Transition to flexible production and electronization of all productions conduct to creation productions with the minimum participation of people, its continuous improvement in process of development of scientific and technical progress. Considerable changes in equipment and technology will have a great influence on on nature of work of the person in the conditions of flexible production.

Thus, the work humanization — is one of the main tasks on the way of creation of production of the future that will allow to avoid such problems as the relation of the person to new equipment when it is considered as means of replacement of people, as failures in application of new technology, negatively influences a state and activity of the service personnel.

The operating system of has to satisfy to openness. But not only of Specifics of operating conditions of demands that OS work in real time, it was compact and had possibility of start from ROM or a flash memory.

We use the sensor of level of lowering of electrometric type since it the simplest on a design, but in too time provides the necessary accuracy of measurement of size of movement of a frame. Since according to the specification the equipment has to be easily reconstructed on release of new production, we will enter the tuning resistor which will allow us to change movement size into the scheme. For control of effort of a clip we will install the piezoelectric sensor of pressure (, and the reference resistance of R

Higher reliability — the third advantage a RS-kontrolle-rov. Usually consider and program reliability of controlers. Thus reliability is understood as ability of the equipment steadily to function in the conditions of the environment of industrial shop and to resist to its harmful, and the profammny is understood as ability ON steadily to function at emergence of situations, reactions in the set time. reliability of PLC and RS-controlers can be considered as there are no bases to assume that at a RS-kontrolle-rov it will be lower. The majority of RS-controlers are focused on

In the course of design TZ on correction of CD taking into account features of concrete production and specifics of products was created. The necessary equipment taking into account its reservation and further modernization was picked up.

Thanks to that that QNX means of work about a flash memory (both at a stage of loading of OS, and in an operating mode with file system), it provides very important opportunity for a of controlers — work

For transportation of preparations between separate blocks of the line will be will be used the universal vehicle the Automatic zagruzocho-transport device 8800 Since vehicles are universal, the magnetic labels based on effect of the hall will be applied to their identification by system.

For control of the provision of a frame two sensors the sensor of level of lowering of a frame are provided (R and the sensor of force of pressing of a frame to a payment surface since if to press too strongly, the frame will not spring under action and, respectively, will not be received the demanded photoresist layer thickness.