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The analysis of economic activity of production is carried out in general on association and in a section of the enterprises which are its part, and also the units allocated for independent balance and which are on balance of association.

use of uniform measuring instruments of production (use of uniform prices for materials and production etc.), identical conditions and an arrangement in relation to of materials and equipment and consumers of finished goods;

The important place in the economic analysis is taken the analysis of activity of the enterprises and functional ­ the analysis which were allocated in independent types of the analysis on the basis of the applied receptions, methods.

The intraeconomic analysis of activity of separate of production association in the industry and branches covers production facilities, scientific ­ the institutes and laboratories, administrative serving farms and other divisions of the first order.

Summary reports are formed by generally factory method, i.e. by summation of indicators of reports of jurisdictional enterprises. However in a number of industries, uniform production (oil, gas, coal, an, cement, etc.), the branch method is used. The summary indicators of change of prime cost estimated on an to a method reflect not only quality of work of separate and associations, but also change of specific weight of production with various level of expenses, and also influence of change, production placement.

When carrying out the economic analysis of work. branches, besides summary reports, it is necessary to attract a special about introduction of new equipment, quality of production, training, work rationing, material resources, electroarmament of work, the scientific organization of work, improvement of management, social development, economic education of workers, etc.

At the second stage, proceeding from specific goals of further use of an analytical formula, in a problem of selection introduce additional restrictions on extent of approach (), a type of empirical function, behavior of its schedule out of the set supervision interval.

The intra factory economic analysis has also the subjects of the analysis. If activity of the enterprise is checked mainly by economic services of the enterprise, association, the higher organizations, the economy of intra factory production divisions is studied generally by specialists of the enterprise and the relevant services of shops.

At the third stage calculate all known parameters entering an analytical formula, count theoretical levels of a row, and also indicators of compliance of the received formula to the accepted restrictions. For determination of unknown parameters of a formula most often use a way of the smallest squares.

In the intraeconomic analysis of activity of associations (joint-stock companies, associations and other associations) it is necessary to consider features of their structure, predetermines flows of economic information.

At the first stage build the schedule of an initial dynamic row and by comparison he with the schedule of known functions is selected by the most suitable. At good knowledge of the nature and nature of change of levels of the considered row selection of empirical formulas is made directly, without creation of schedules.

The industry analysis in narrow sense covers branch, When carrying out the economic analysis of activity of branch associations the summary accounting,, operational and special reports are used.