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to check in the cases provided in the specified rules, existence on vehicles (the car, the tank, the barge, hold of the vessel, a motor van, etc.) or on the container of seals of the sender or a point of departure (stations, piers, port, serviceability of seals, prints for them. condition of the car, other vehicles or container, existence of protective marking of freight and serviceability of container;

The manufacturer (sender) can authorize the enterprise which is in a place of receiving production on participation in acceptance by the recipient of production. In this case the certificate to the representative is given by the enterprise which allocated it. In the certificate it has to be made a reference to the document with which the manufacturer (sender) authorized this enterprise to participate in acceptance of production.

For safety of quality of the delivered production, association and its production facility, the enterprise, the organization manufacturer (sender) are obliged to provide creations of conditions for timely and its correct acceptance on quality:

When the latent defects of production can be found only in the course of its processing made consistently by two or several enterprises, the statement of the latent defects has to be drawn up no later than four months from the date of receiving production by the enterprise which found shortcomings.

The latent defects such shortcomings which could not be found when checking, usual for this type of production, admit and tests, uses and storages of production are revealed only in processing, preparation for installation, in the course of installation.

1 Acceptance of production is made by representatives on that the head of the enterprise recipient or its deputy, competent persons. These persons bear responsibility for strict observance of acceptance procedures of production.

1 The representative of the odnogorodny manufacturer (sender) is obliged to be on the recipient's call not later than next day, and on perishable production — no later than 4 hours after receiving a call if in it other term of an appearance is not specified.