A Method To Make Your Writing Suspenseful

6 things not to write a great short story

Perennial grassy plant without stalk. All leaves — in the radical socket, peristolopastny, from above -, from below felt trimmed; a basket large, to 2 cm in the diameter, the environment of the socket of leaves odinochno located.

Perennial grassy plant 25 — 80 cm high with a tuberoid rhizome; a stalk simple, in an with dense integral oblong and elliptic leaves, stem leaves lantsetny or shirokolineynoprodolgovaty, sedentary, top — tone-kozaostroyennye; baskets mostly single, flowers yellow.

Perennial light green plant with densely - and densely turfy ; stalks of 25 — 40 cm, up ; leaves long, flat; the which are pulled together (2 — top —, lantsetny, the others — female, oblong, friable.

Perennial plant with long a rhizome and friable dernovinka. Stalks 10 — 30 cm high, trihedral: leaves uzkolineyny, the bract considerably an inflorescence; the cones from 1 — 2 sitting to 2 — 3 on the ends ­, usually oboyepoly, forming a puchkovidno-golovchaty inflorescence; length of an inflorescence is approximately equal to width.

The area of a look covers mountain of Central and Southern Europe:, French and Swiss Yura, Alps, Apennines, Balkans, Carpathians. In our country the saffron belotsvetkovy grows in Mukachev's vicinities (the Region) on mountain meadows, in thickets of bushes, in the woods. Its decorative qualities long since attention of flower growers, and it ­ is used in flower beds.

Limited distribution, collecting flowers and bulbs, and also economic development of places of growth of a belotsvetkovy leads to a of its stocks. Now it needs strict protection.

Perennial grassy plant 50 — 70 cm high. The lower leaves of a pas long scapes, plates 3 — 7-over-carved, with large lantsetny the, stem leaves reduced sedentary: umbrellas of 5 — 4,5 cm in a : regional flowers on longer pedicels — tychinochny,, on shorter — oboyepoly; petals whitish-pink.

Leaves linear, in the top part, at the edges of and along Kiel the kilchato-rough; an inflorescence large, panicled, from golovchato-dense cones; cones 1 — 3-floral, oboyepoly, without okolotsvetnik.