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park of the radio-receiving means which are today in operation. And, the power and technological level of the domestic industry urged to provide the solution of this task have to be adequate to requirements of the market.

KT368B - the transistor silicon epitaxial and planar structures of n-P-n, intensifying. It is intended for use in entrance and subsequent cascades of amplifiers of high frequency. Is issued in the plastic case with flexible conclusions. It is marked by one white point from the top party of the case. The mass of the transistor is no more than 0,5 grams.

As solution it is possible to use chloric iron or the diluted nitric acid (70% - drinking water, 30% - the concentrated nitric acid). All process of etching will take about an hour but if it is necessary to accelerate it, solution has to be slightly warm and when etching sometimes it it is necessary to stir slowly.

Now most of radio fans is interested in development of TsRV (digital broadcasting). Considering a great interest of radio fans to the touched issue, it is necessary to acquaint them with a situation in the TsRV areas – digital broadcasting and at us in the country, and abroad.

As a permanent magnet the electromagnet, and also a combination of a permanent magnet and an electromagnet can act. The diffuser can be made of dense paper or different synthetic materials, for example, of plasticity. And the diffusers made of synthetic materials have higher wear resistance and quality of reproduction.

Thanks to application of a chip of KXA 058, dimensions, weight and energy consumption of the receiver decreased; reliability as the number of secret connections was reduced increased and considerably the UPCh parameters improved.

Starting distributing of topology of printing conductors it is necessary to consider real dimensions of details. It is more convenient to do it on graph paper, but it is possible to take also a usual leaf in a cage. We draw payment contours which dimensions will be defined with its placement in some ready case.

In broadcasting receivers distribution was gained by amplifiers of intermediate frequency on analog integrated chips of the K218, K228, K237, K174, K224 series, and also on KXA 058 chip, as in the considered receiver.

I applied the scheme of an entrance chain which consists of the antenna and the condenser which at the same time is also the condenser of communication with URCh (drawing to the radio-receiving device developed by me. For reduction of influence of the antenna by a contour, the condenser of communication choose rather small (units tens ).

KV109G - silicon, epitaxial and planar, tuning. It is intended for application in schemes of frequency trim of resonant amplifiers. It is marked by a point at a positive conclusion, is issued in the plastic case with flexible tape conclusions. The mass of a varikap – 0,06 grams.